The Eclipse of the Sun by George Grosz, 1926

Power is, perhaps, the only element that matters to the human psyche. It is the very elemental force, unattainable and fleeting, that pervades our subconsciousness. From sex to politics, amid our relations with family and friends, to gain power is the driver that compels us to engage in society and with each other. Is it any wonder that as we grow in excess our delights become lascivious and our expressions of power pervert like lines that warp in florid frills which take delight in amassing more and more of the heady, noxious fumes even at another's expense? For power many a man went mad and against all laws of his moral compunction which may have, hitherto, compelled him to be "good." 

To debase another is the purest form of concentrated power, which is why there are an abundance of child molesters amassed at every pinnacle of society. To toy with the fate of another man is a sweet and secret pleasure, which is why all laws are devised with bents and twists, the loopholes of which may be exercised at whim by those who scale a ladder of paperwork to attain the key of legality which unlocks every avenue of the matrices informing our communities of what is "right" and "wrong." Those who have power rewrite the world according to their standard, doing so to protect their power and prevent others from the pursuit of it: they labor under the delusion that they have rewritten themselves a check against the banknote of Life and lent unto themselves more of the very thing they seek: Eternity. 

The powerful man fears one thing and She is Nature, for no amount of power can prevent the death strokes of Time from taking her toll. Power and power alone is the only seemingly attainable measure that man has to reconnoiter the map of his life against annihilating force that is his fear of Death. In power we distract ourself from the sting which is our namelessness when the light of our being ceases to exist. In our pursuit of Power, which we mistake for Life, we trample underfoot, the living things around us and perpetuate the carnal cycle of Death which we so pathetically attempt to escape.