Secret of the Heart

each hearbreak is so distinct as to make you fresh aware that the heart can be healed seven times seven, broken and resurrected yet again to do the impossible task of loving.
love without remorse.
regret the people you loved but never regret the loving, a reflexive sign one is still alive and capable of feeling that which brings musicians to utter words into song and the force which pulls life from legs.
sink into the feeling. possess yourself of the ache and let it stab you over and over again. Cry heartlessly and with abandon. wander the streets with a kind of detachment that allows the world to pass through your body like a glove. be nobody and everybody. the minutia of an old woman's wrinkle -she sits in the cafe- will make you wonder what it was like for her lover to taste the tears off her lips. The bulbous onion rounded cheeks of a child will make you long to touch them with a blessing.
there is no end to your love. it was never this person's to own. it was never bound. it is free to dispense like alms to every passerby you meet.
and if all else fails listen to music on repeat.